Vape Pod System

From 11 January 2024, these products will no longer be offered online for Belgium and countries where this is also banned. We are systematically reducing our stock, if you want to buy a certain product or quantity, please let us know via our contact form.

Beware from next year e-liquids will be taxed and at 0.2 cents per millilitre! Feel free to stock up most products are valid for 2 to 3 years. Eg: eliquids of 10ml will add €1.5, pods of 2ml + 30 cents, base 1 litre + €150!!!

POD's and vape cartridges are refills for compact ePens, electronic cigarettes with sub-ohm technology. POD's are basically a mouthpiece, coil and reservoir in one. You simply plug them into a charged ePen and start vaping immediately. We sell the brands Vuse and Hexa in a wide range of tastes. Check out the assortment here and make your choice.


Buy disposable e-cigarettes from well-known brands such as Hexa Go, Atomic Ak and Flavourtec online with us.


Small bottles of eliquids with different flavours from the brand Flavourtec offered online without nicotine.