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     TOP premium regular ultra thin rolling paper.

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    Rolling papers TOP Premium Regular

    Ultra thin paper, made exclusively with natural gum Arabic. TOP Premium and the same product as OCB Premium sold in France.

    Short rolling papers

    Cigarette paper is most often gummed, its weight varies from 11 to 25g/m2, depending on its composition, brands and uses. Today you can find different sizes and formats, in Regular, King Size, King Size + Tips or Rolls. They can be presented in booklets or rolls.

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    TOP branded smoking accessories

    Smoke items such as cigarette papers and cigarette filter tubes of the TOP brand are marketed in France as OCB, which are the same products.

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    Data sheet

    Size of paper
    Regular (short papers)
    Ultra Thin
    Paper weight
    13.5 gr/m²
    Leaves per booklet
    100 leaves
    69 x 35 mm

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