Shake & Vape The Medusa Juice 2.0 Andromeda 50ml

    The Medusa Juice 2.0 Andromeda 50ml

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    Shake & Vape The Medusa Juice 2.0 Andromeda 50ml (shortfill).

    Shake & Vape The Medusa Juice 2.0 Andromeda 50ml

    This shake & vape has a higher concentration of aroma and is intended to be mixed in the bottle with a base liquid or possibly nicotine boosters. 

    Flavours: Gourmand
    Flavour description: English Cream


    Vegetable glycerin: 60%
    Propylene glycol: 40%
    Contains: 50 Fill in 60ml 
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    Data sheet

    The Medusa Juice
    Flavours Mix
    English Cream
    Shake & Vape
    50 Fill in 60ml
    Vegetable glycerin
    Propylene glycol
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