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    Gift box with 5 products of Bomb Cosmetics.

    Contents gift box:

    Sir Fizzalot Bath Blaster
    Yes Man Solid Shower Gel
    Dapper Chap Soap
    Man in the Mirror Body Butter
    Wave Hello Shower Gel

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    Do you like a "cool" bath? For all your care needs and enough essential oils to make you feel like you are floating.

    Make sure your bath is nice and warm and then enjoy the most delicious bath products from Bomb Cosmetics.

    These bath bombs are completely handmade to ensure that they fizz like crazy and release a delicious scent during your bathing ritual. In addition, all their products contain essential oils to improve your mood.
    Many contain a pure cocoa and shea butter, which melts gently on the skin and hydrates while the bath ball fizzes and pops. Bomb Cosmetics do not use glitter (even so-called 'bio glitter') in their bath products and have switched to sugars or micas.

    2 Items

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    Bomb Cosmetics
    5 pieces
    Not for children under 3 years of age

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