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    T'is The Season Creamer

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    Gift box with 7 products of Bomb Cosmetics.

    Contents gift box:

    We Three Kings Bath Creamer
    Gold Linger Bath Creamer
    Proof in the Pudding Bath Creamer
    Gingerbread Man Bath Creamer
    Glitterballs Bath Creamer
    The Little Gingerbread Man Bath Creamer
    MR. Frosty Bath Creamer

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    Bath Creamers are completely different from Bath Blasters. Although small, they are absolutely packed with creamy cocoa and shea butter. Both are known for their ability to hydrate and deeply nourish your skin. This means that instead of the awesome fizz of a Bath Blaster, they slowly melt and luxuriously release the essential oils and nourishing butters into your bath and onto your skin.

    Enjoy a truly floral experience in your bath, with 7 caring creamers, all with pure essential oils and natural butters.

    1 Item

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    Bomb Cosmetics
    7 pieces
    Not for children under 3 years of age

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    T'is The Season Creamer