Fragrance spheres

Yankee Candle spheres come in a variety of scents, from their most popular scents such as vanilla, lavender and cinnamon, to their seasonal and holiday scents. The spheres can be placed in a bowl or container, and when the scent is released, the spheres can be turned over to expose a fresh surface. They last for several weeks, and are a great option for freshening up small spaces such as cupboards, drawers and cars. Fragrance Spheres are a convenient and subtle way to keep your home smelling fresh and clean, they are also a great option for people concerned about the safety of burning candles.


The Yankee Candle Car Jar Ultimate is a product specifically designed for use in cars. It is a small, scented hanging air freshener that can be hung from a rearview mirror.


Yankee Candle also offers a line of fragrance spheres, which are small, scented balls that can be placed in a drawer, closet, or any small space to fragrance the area with a pleasant scent. 

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