The law to ban the display of tobacco products and e-cigarettes in Belgium was passed on Thursday, 14 March 2024. (Display Ban)

The specific rules and conditions will be announced after publication in the Belgian Official Gazette. 

As retailers, we will then have 6 months to adapt to these new regulations.

This naturally raises some questions for us as retailers.

Do we have to extend our counter to hide everything? 

And how exactly should we hide these products?

For many retailers, the question will be whether it is still worth investing in products like cigarettes and tobacco, whose average profit margin is around 3%.

For you, the consumer, there will also be changes:

- From 1 April 2025, department stores of more than 400 m² will no longer be allowed to sell tobacco products.
- The supply of cigarette packs will most likely be drastically reduced. There will be fewer variants available such as medium, xl, xxl, and giga. We will have to find space to offer you this more limited choice.
- The supply of tobacco jars will decrease, so your favorite brand or pack may no longer be available due to lack of space or low sales.
- The supply of e-cigarettes and e-liquids will also be drastically reduced.
- Until you turn 25, we as retailers will have to ask for proof of identity to verify that you are old enough to buy tobacco products.
- Smoking accessories such as rolling papers, cartridges and cartridge fillers will no longer be visible in the shop. You will have to ask and hope that the shopkeeper stocks your favorite brand.
- Will you still find smoking supplies online? Probably not...

Unfortunately, a lot will change...