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    Gizeh RollBox

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    Gizeh rollbox, cigarette rolling machine and box at the same time

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    Gizeh Rollbox

    Consists of a roller and a container, all in one. This classic duo allows you to roll automatically. To be used with the Regular cigarette sheets.   

    Cigarette rollers

    Cigarette rollers allow you to roll your cigarettes with or without a filter. Many well-known brands have been offering plastic or metal rolling machines for several years now, making rolling cigarettes child's play. There are several models and sizes, the standard size is 7 cm, but you can also find models for lengths of 6.7 or 7.9 cm. If you prefer to smoke long cigarettes no problem, you can buy a King Size cigarette roller, which is usually 11 or 14 cm long.

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    About Gizeh

    Gizeh is a famous brand of smokers' items, founded in 1920 near Cologne, Germany. Gizeh offers you a large assortment of items such as cigarette boxes, cigarette sheets, tube makers... At a very economical and practical price.

    5 Items

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