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    WoodWick Fireside scented candle with a long lifespan and wooden wick.

    Shape: Medium
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    WoodWick Fireside Candle

    Scented experience: cosy and rustic ... the scent of a warm, crackling wood fire.

    Top: Italian bergamot, apple peel
    Medium: golden amber, black oak
    Base: smoked mahogany, vetiver, musk

    Candles of WoodWick

    WoodWick candles complete your home with a light and inviting scent.
    The patented pluswick© technology includes a wooden wick designed to crack when the candle burns.

    How to use a WoodWick candle

    Reduce the wick to 2 mm before each use.
    Burn the candle to a minimum until the wax is liquefied over the entire surface.
    Do not burn more than 4 hours without cutting the wick, do not leave a piece in the wax.

    1 Item

    Data sheet

    WoodWick Fragrances
    Fragrance experience
    Light Brown

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    WW Fireside

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