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    Auto Reed Auto Reed Refill White Tea & Jasmine

    Refill White Tea & Jasmine

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    WoodWick auto reed refill fragrance White Tea & Jasmine.

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    WoodWick White Tea & Jasmine Auto Reed

    Scented experience: pure white tea with a hint of jasmine blends delicately with aromas of red cedar and rose.

    Top: bergamot, tea accord
    Medium: pink, violet, jasmine
    Base: cedar wood, amber, musk

    About Autos Reeds Refills

    Enjoy the complex fragrances and refined style of WoodWick® in your car.
    This WoodWick® Auto Reeds Refill includes two 100% bamboo reeds that will diffuse your favourite sophisticated fragrance for up to 30 days.

    How to use Auto Reed Refill

    Use with the reed holder of a WoodWick® Auto Reeds Starter Kit, sold separately.

    5 Items

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    WoodWick Fragrances
    White Tea & Jasmine
    Fragrance experience
    Fragrance time
    Up to 30 days

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