Yankee Candle Fragrance spheres YC Spheres Crisp Campfire Apples

    YC Spheres Crisp Campfire Apples

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    Yankee Candle scented spheres, Crisp Campfire Apples another way to perfume small spaces

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    Yankee Fragrances Sphere Crisp Campfire Apples

    Scented experience: freshly picked apples cooking over the fire in the cool night air

    Top: apple, clove, mandarin leaf
    Medium: cinnamon stick, oak leave
    Base: tonka, blonde woods

    About the Scented Spheres

    The Scented pearls are a perfect solution to neutralize scent and to perfume small spaces where you can't necessarily burn your favourite Yankee Candle but keep the scent of this brand that lasts for several weeks without losing its intensity.

    How to use the Perfumed pearls

    The spheres are activated by removing the protective film under the cover. The beads shrink as the fragrance is diffused into the air. Replace the product once all the pearls have evaporated. Ideal for small spaces such as laundries, wardrobes and bathrooms.

    3 Items

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