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The best cigarette paper since 1796

Since 1796, Rizla has been producing cigarette paper of the highest quality and today embodies the whole category: "Rizla, the art of rolling".

The expertise and strength of the Rizla brand makes Imperial Tobacco the undisputed 'specialist' in this category.

The brand's long-standing focus on customers and consumers has made Rizla the undisputed leader in the category for many years. Rizla owes its success to the respect of key values: quality, availability, flexibility, innovation and care for people and the environment. Respect for the environment is particularly important to them. For this reason, Rizla's cigarette paper is FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

With Rizla's wide range of products, every smoker can find the right cigarette paper. Rizla plays a leading role in the development of very thin cigarette papers (Rizla Blue and Rizla Silver) on the one hand and thicker perforated papers (Rizla Orange) on the other.

The manufacturing process for cigarette paper is complex. It starts with the application of gum Arabic and the cutting of paper rolls the width of a cigarette paper sheet. The natural gum Arabic gives the paper its unique adhesive properties. The paper itself is usually made from plant fibres such as linen or birch wood fibres. The name "rice paper" refers to the vegetable origin of the paper fibre. The production process continues with the "rolling" of the sheets. The sheets are cut lengthwise and folded into each other to form a block. These blocks of sheets are then packaged in envelopes of well-known colours.

Finally, Imperial Tobacco also has several types of tubes. The best known are of course the "Club" tubes, packaged in 250 pieces in their famous blue box.

Club 250 Tubes

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Rizla + Orange Regular

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