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Correct maintenance of your Powermatic machine keeps it in perfect condition and guarantees smooth operation. If you do not maintain your cigarette maker properly, the quality of the cigarettes produced will decrease and you will certainly have problems during the production of the cigarettes.

Poor maintenance is often at the root of problems during the production of cigarettes. Of course there is also a technical problem with the Powermatic, but our experience is that in 90% of the cases the user does not maintain the machine.

If the ends of the tubes tear during cigarette manufacture, you usually use too much tobacco, or the tobacco is too moist to make the cigarettes. It is also possible that the machine has become sticky on the inside due to the (invisible) tobacco deposit. As a result, the tobacco slips less easily and the tubes are subjected to greater force, which can tear them. In this case, we recommend cleaning the machine according to the instructions below, a little drier and a little less tobacco. Switching from stringy tobacco to short fibrous volume tobacco also often works wonders.

Therefore, only use VOLUME, TUBING or SPECIAL CUT tobacco sold in boxes or buckets!
Rolling tobacco is too moist and causes malfunctions that damage your tubing machine. Be sure to thoroughly clean your coring machine after each use with the included cleaning kit.

If you still wish to use rolling tobacco (quality tobacco) we recommend the Powermatic 2+ which has a more powerful motor. 

Note: The manufacturer's warranty applies only to manufacturing defects and does not cover damage caused by insufficient or improper maintenance of the machine.

Powermatic 2 & 4

During prolonged use of the Powermatic 2, we have noticed that there is a lot of leftover tobacco in the machines and that it sticks to the knife.
The lever will become increasingly difficult to operate over time.
This is only visible from the inside of the cigarette machine, do not open it if your machine is still under warranty. Otherwise your warranty will be void.

We advise you to blow out sufficiently and regularly and to spray WD40 or an anti-grip on certain parts:

- In the injection chamber.
- On the cutting blade (move the lever up and down several times)

After these steps you will notice that the lever is less hard.

Powermatic 3

If the machine does not produce the cigarettes properly, tobacco residues sticking to the injection bar can usually be dissolved by performing the following operation

- Open the room where you put the tobacco...
- Press the start button as soon as the injection bar is in place and press the start button again on the outside of the machine. 
- The bar remains blocked on the outside, just clean it well. 
- Don't forget to lightly oil your machine with WD40.

All our tubes sold in our webshop can be used with these cigarette injectors.