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    Powermatic 4 electric cigarette injector.

    This brand new machine is based on the proven injection techniques we know from the previous models, but has an improved design and is equipped with a large tobacco funnel. This latest model is even lighter, even more flexible and even easier to use! 

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    Powermatic 4  electric cigarette machine

    The manufacturer of the Powermatic cigarette machines has further surpassed itself with the arrival of the new electric cigarette injector Powermatic 4. An improved design with a large tobacco hopper. Suitable for filling king size and extra long cigarette tubes. The machine has a sturdy aluminium housing and once again has the proven and patented injection system with titanium cutting blade as we know it from previous Powermatic cigarette injectors.

    The Powermatic 4 is an electric cigarette maker with a lever that allows you to make one cigarette at a time. The new Powermatic 4 is therefore the successor of the Powermatic 2 Plus. In contrast to its predecessor, the Powermatic 4 has a large tobacco hopper that allows you to fill several cigarettes in a row without having to add new tobacco.

    The Powermatic 3 remains the top model of the Powermatic line because this machine is capable of making semi-automatic cigarettes and has an automatic tobacco loader.

    Advantages of the Powermatic 4

    - Makes a cigarette in about one second
    - No problems with weak ash heads
    - Does not grind tobacco
    - Perfectly filled cigarettes every time
    - Suitable for normal and extra long cigarette tubes
    - Built-in clogging indicator and electric injection port

    Useful information 

    Cleaning and maintenance
    Guarantee & return

    2 Items

    Data sheet

    Powermatic 4
    Cigarette container
    Indication blocking
    Yes (jam)
    2 years


    Operating instructions

    Download here the manual of the Powermatic 4

    Download (1.69MB)

    Additional explanations

    More information about the settings and buttons of the Powermatic 4

    Download (1.46MB)

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