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    Zorr Powermatic 3 Plus

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    Zorr Powermatic 3 plus the most advanced electric cigarette machine of the Powermatic line. 

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    Powermatic 3 Plus ZORR electric tube injector

    Powermatic 3 Zorr electric tube filler, no need to pack your tobacco to make your cigarettes, the machine takes care of everything, it contains a tobacco stench that is the equivalent of 30 cigarettes, as well as an LCD screen that shows you the number of cigarettes made.

    Electric tubing machine

    Automatic tubing machines are certainly the best available today. Although they consist of a single tube, they are very easy to use and their manual handling is limited. Tobacco is dispensed automatically when the cigarette is filled with a button. They allow you to significantly increase your production because you only need to place a tube on the machine and press a button.

    The operation of an electric tubing machine

    Connect the tubing machine to an electrical source. Set the button for king size or 100's filters. Put the tobacco in the housing, insert your cigarette case and then press the button, then your cigarette is ready. The average production time of a cigarette is 10 seconds.

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    Powermatic 3+ VS Zorr Powermatic 3+

    The importer has changed the name and the colour, but they are the same machines.

    1 Item

    Data sheet

    Zorr Powermatic 3
    Cigarette container
    Indication blocking
    Yes (jam)
    2 years


    Operating instructions

    Download the Powermatic 3 manual here.

    Download (2.65MB)

    Additional explanations

    More information about the settings and buttons of the Powermatic 3

    Download (1.13MB)


    Troubleshooting problems with blockage Powermatic 3

    Download (1.96MB)

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    Zorr Powermatic 3 Plus