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Price increase tobacco Belgium 2021

Cigarettes and tobacco will be more expensive in 2023!


The next excise duty hike is scheduled for the end of January 2023, after which the new prices for cigarettes and tobacco will be phased into the market. 

According to our sources, a second excise duty increase is planned for summer ..... Smoking really is becoming a luxury!

If you want to know the retail price of cigarettes and tobacco, visit our blog. This data is synchronized daily with our shop's POS software.

What I can tell you as a retailer is that when prices go up, our percentage goes down.

The glory years of many Belgian border shops are quietly over....

You may also have noticed that in recent years many shops no longer give away free lighters.

The law prohibits offering products for free when purchasing tobacco products. This is a form of advertising that can lead to huge fines for the retailer.

Purpose of this measure

The excise duty increase is part of the government's active policy to make tobacco consumption less attractive. Government revenue is raised by taking into account tobacco prices in neighbouring countries.