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In recent years, all major brands have put their own cigarette tubes on the market. Even Marlboro and Camel now have their own cigarette tubes. This makes it possible to make your own cigarettes and pay less for your trusted brand without reducing your smoke experience. Manufacturers are able to play a useful role in the demand of consumers who like to alternate between smoking cigarette packets and cigarettes with sleeve tobacco.

Neutral Lucky Strike tubes

Neutral packaging

Due to a new legislation, as from 1 January 2020, the packaging of the brand tubes such as Marlboro, Camel, L&M, Winston, Lucky Strike,... Only produced in neutral packaging (as pictured) . Some manufacturers have decided not to put their brand tubes on the market any more. Traders may, until the end of December 2020, make the packaging with the colours of the marks Sell.

Advertising ban legislation

From 1 January 2021, shops will no longer be allowed to sell these products. If they do, there will be heavy sanctions. Only the king-size sleeves of Pall Mall & Lucky Strike will remain available on the Belgian market because they have a neutral packaging. All other brands such as Marlboro, Camel, etc. no longer commercialize these products in Belgium and the Netherlands.

The type of filter is extremely important with cigarette tubes. Of course, the type of tobacco you use mainly determines the smoking experience. In addition to branded tubes from different manufacturers, you also have Club and Rizla tubes. These filter tubes are of very good quality and still sell a lot today.


If you buy a box of 250 cigarette sleeves, it has enough with 120 gram volume of tobacco or 200 gram of regular rolling tobacco. Depending on how much tobacco you use per cigarette. Of course, the type of tobacco and the quantity you use mainly determines the smoke experience.

Filter type?

The quality of a sleeve is then again determined by the paper and the filter that are used. For example, there may be filters with extra holes on the side, giving you a more light experience when smoking (eg: Mascotte Gold).

Cigarette filter tubes

There are usually 250 tubes in a box. We also sell online boxes with 1000 tubes. There is a nice discount for those who buy 2 or more boxes.