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Electric cigarette injector

If you want to make your own cigarettes, the electric tube filler can be the very useful device for you. Because you no longer need to use physical power, filling the tubes is much easier than using manual machines. Your cigarette is ready in a few seconds.

The best electric cigarette injectors machine, which one to choose?

powermatic 3

Powermatic 3 +

Its particularity, a tobacco reservoir that can contain approximately for 30 cigarettes, as well as an LCD screen to control the desired tobacco and count the number of cigarettes.

No Even better and more flexible sleeves filler that makes the task easier than ever creates.⇒ makes beautiful cigarettes
⇒ Semi-automatic
⇒ Ultra strong finition

Use volume tobacco for sale in a bucket or box. This tobacco is drier and better for your machine, it will prevent your machine from going into security mode (jam).

powermatic 2

Powermatic 2 plus

This electric cigarette maker is our best selling automatic tube filler because it is the fastest and most user-friendly machine.

The patented system of the Powermatic II Plus gives you well-stocked cigarettes where the tobacco Evenly spaced into the cigarette tube. So you don't have any falling burning pieces of tobacco anymore when you tap ash.

Other important advantages of the electric cigarette maker Powermatic II Plus:

⇒ Thanks to the innovation injection system you have no loss of tobacco and the cigarettes are properly filled.

⇒ This unit is also suitable for longer cigarette tubes (XL filter tubes) .

⇒ Because of the protections that are provided, it is impossible to get the device broken by ordinary use.

⇒ The Powermatic II Plus has a "jam" function. If you use too much or too damp tobacco, the machine can be blocked to avoid this, the appliance turns off and a red light is lit.