Tobacco prices Belgium 2023

Tobacco box Belgium

The prices of tobacco change frequently. Over the years, boxes and buckets of tobacco have become more and more expensive. In addition, they play a lot with the contents and put less tobacco in a box to reduce price increases. Nevertheless, the prices in Belgium are a lot lower than in the Netherlands and France. This has to do with excise duty, which is simply much lower here. See the current retail prices of all tobacco products in Belgium.

Rolled tobacco cheaper than cigarettes

Tobacco or roll-your-own tobacco is over four times cheaper than cigarettes. That is why more and more smokers are switching to tobacco. Cigars are the most expensive, but this again depends on the brand.

tobacco bucket

Current prices tobacco boxes and buckets

Curious to find out what the current prices for tobacco are in Belgium? On this page we display the current prices. We do this by synchronizing with our POS. All tobacco products in our price list are also available in the shop. If a product is not available, please contact us.

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NamePriceWeightPrice / gramAvailability
AJJA BLOND RED 175GR€ 67,50175GR€ 0,3860
AJJA BLOND RED 50 GR€ 20,0050 GR€ 0,400-10
AJJA CORSE BLUE 175GR€ 67,50175 GR€ 0,386-10
AJJA CORSE BLUE 50GR€ 20,0050 GR€ 0,400-10
AMSTERDAMER PIPE 40 GR€ 13,5040 GR€ 0,338-10
BROUTTEUX 250GR€ 73,00250 GR€ 0,2920
BROUTTEUX 50GR€ 19,7050 GR€ 0,394-10
CAMEL CLASSIC 45GR€ 13,5045 GR€ 0,300-10
CAMEL ESSENTIAL 30GR€ 7,9030 GR€ 0,263-10
CAMEL EXPERT BLUE 100GR€ 37,30100 GR€ 0,3730
CAMEL EXPERT YELLOW 100GR€ 37,30100 GR€ 0,373-10
CAMEL PIPE TOBACCO 50 GR€ 18,5050 GR€ 0,370-10
CAMEL VOLUME BLUE 175GR€ 63,00175 GR€ 0,360-10
CAMEL VOLUME BLUE 50GR€ 18,0050 GR€ 0,360-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 175GR€ 63,00175 GR€ 0,360-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 250GR€ 90,00250 GR€ 0,360-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 30GR€ 8,0030 GR€ 0,267+10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 350GR€ 95,00350 GR€ 0,271-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 350GR€ 127,00350 GR€ 0,363-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 450 GR€ 123,00450 GR€ 0,273-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 50GR€ 18,0050 GR€ 0,360-10
CAMEL VOLUME YELLOW 90GR€ 33,0090 GR€ 0,367-10
CAMEL YELLOW 30GR€ 7,9030 GR€ 0,263-10
DRUM BLUE 50 GR€ 13,3050 GR€ 0,266-10
DRUM THE ORIGINAL 50GR€ 19,5050 GR€ 0,390-10
FLANDRIA WERVICQ 200 GR€ 58,00200 GR€ 0,290-10
FLEUR DU PAYS1 200GR€ 76,00200GR€ 0,380-10
FLEUR DU PAYS1 40GR€ 15,5040 GR€ 0,388+10
FLEUR DU PAYS6 40GR€ 11,8040 GR€ 0,295-10
GAULOISES MELANGE BRUN 175GR€ 65,00175 GR€ 0,371-10
GAULOISES MELANGE BRUN 50GR€ 19,5050 GR€ 0,390-10
GOLDEN VIRGINIA 50 GR€ 21,0050GR€ 0,4200
INTERVAL FEUILLE BLONDE 125GR€ 35,00125 GR€ 0,280-10
INTERVAL FEUILLE BLONDE 40 GR€ 11,2040 GR€ 0,280+10
INTERVAL FEUILLE BRUNE 125GR€ 35,00125 GR€ 0,280-10
JPS RED SPECIAL CUT 275GR€ 96,50275GR€ 0,3510
JPS RED SPECIAL CUT 80 GR€ 21,5080 GR€ 0,269-10
JPS RED SPECIALCUT 30GR€ 7,7030 GR€ 0,2570
JPS RED SPECIALCUT 50GR€ 18,0050 GR€ 0,360-10
JPS RED SPECIALCUT 70GR€ 25,5070 GR€ 0,3640
JPS SPECIALCUT RED 175GR€ 61,00175 GR€ 0,349-10
L&M BLUE 100GR€ 38,00100 GR€ 0,380-10
L&M ORIGINAL 100GR€ 36,50100 GR€ 0,365-10
L&M ORIGINAL 100GR€ 27,20100 GR€ 0,272-10
L&M ORIGINAL 30GR€ 7,5030 GR€ 0,250+10
L&M VOLUME 100GR€ 36,50100 GR€ 0,365-10
L&M VOLUME 175GR€ 49,50175 GR€ 0,283-10
L&M VOLUME 30GR€ 8,2030 GR€ 0,273-10
L&M VOLUME 400GR€ 144,50400GR€ 0,361-10

Cigarette fillers

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NamePriceWeightPrice / gramAvailability
L&M VOLUME 50GR€ 18,0050GR€ 0,360-10
L&M VOLUME XL 300GR€ 108,50250 GR€ 0,434-10
L&M VOLUME XXL 350GR€ 92,00350 GR€ 0,2630
LUCKIES AUTHENTIC BLUE 30GR€ 10,5030 GR€ 0,350-10
LUCKIES AUTHENTIC RED 30GR€ 10,5030 GR€ 0,3500
LUCKY STRIKE BLUE 125GR€ 46,00125 GR€ 0,368-10
LUCKY STRIKE BLUE 30GR€ 10,5030 GR€ 0,350-10
LUCKY STRIKE BLUE 50GR€ 19,5050 GR€ 0,390-10
LUCKY STRIKE RED 125GR€ 46,00125 GR€ 0,368-10
LUCKY STRIKE RED 175GR€ 48,00175 GR€ 0,274-10
LUCKY STRIKE RED 30GR€ 10,5030 GR€ 0,350-10
LUCKY STRIKE RED 50GR€ 19,5050 GR€ 0,390+10
LUCKY STRIKE RED L 275 GR€ 100,00275 GR€ 0,3640
MARLBORO GOLD 100GR€ 38,00100 GR€ 0,380-10
MARLBORO GOLD 30GR€ 8,0030 GR€ 0,267-10
MARLBORO RED 100GR€ 28,20100 GR€ 0,282-10
MARLBORO RED MYO 30 GR€ 8,0030 GR€ 0,267-10
MARLBORO VOLUME 175GR€ 50,00175 GR€ 0,286-10
MARLBORO VOLUME 300GR€ 110,00300 GR€ 0,367-10
MARLBORO VOLUME 30GR€ 8,0030 GR€ 0,267+10
MARLBORO VOLUME 50GR€ 18,5050 GR€ 0,370-10
NEWS ORIGINAL 100 GR€ 24,20100 GR€ 0,242-10
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 125GR€ 45,00125 GR€ 0,360-10
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 175GR€ 46,50175 GR€ 0,2660
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 225GR€ 76,00225 GR€ 0,338-10
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 275GR€ 73,50275 GR€ 0,267-10
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 50GR€ 19,0050 GR€ 0,380-10
NEWS ROUGE SPECIALCUT 80GR€ 28,5080 GR€ 0,356-10
NEWS SPECIALCUT BLUE 175GR€ 61,00175 GR€ 0,349-10
NEWS SPECIALCUT ROUGE 350GR€ 123,00350 GR€ 0,351-10
NEWS SPECIALCUT ROUGE 450GR€ 117,00450 GR€ 0,260-10
PALL MALL BLUE 250GR€ 65,00250 GR€ 0,260-10
PALL MALL BLUE 250GR€ 88,50250GR€ 0,354-10
PALL MALL BLUE 30GR€ 10,0030 GR€ 0,333-10
PALL MALL RED 125GR€ 45,00125 GR€ 0,360-10
PALL MALL RED 175GR€ 63,00175 GR€ 0,360-10
PALL MALL RED 30GR€ 10,0030 GR€ 0,333+10
PALL MALL RED 325GR€ 115,00325 GR€ 0,354-10
PALL MALL ROLLING 125GR€ 46,00125 GR€ 0,368-10
PALL MALL TUBING 30GR€ 10,5030 GR€ 0,350-10
PALL MALL TUBING 50GR€ 19,0050 GR€ 0,380-10
PALL MALL TUBING 80GR€ 29,5080 GR€ 0,369-10
PUEBLO BLUE 30GR€ 6,9030 GR€ 0,230-10
PUEBLO CLASSIC 30GR€ 9,0030 GR€ 0,300+10
SAUVAGE 100% 150GR€ 54,50150 GR€ 0,363-10
SAUVAGE 100% 30GR€ 10,3030 GR€ 0,343-10
SAUVAGE 80 GR€ 29,2080 GR€ 0,3650
SEMOIS FIN CHASSEUR & DEJAGER€ 47,60200 GR€ 0,238-10
STEEPLE CLASSIC 125GR€ 44,00125 GR€ 0,3520
STEEPLE CLASSIC 200GR€ 69,30200 GR€ 0,347-10

Cigarette tubes

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NamePriceWeightPrice / gramAvailability
STEEPLE CLASSIC 250GR€ 65,00250 GR€ 0,2600
STEEPLE CLASSIC 350GR€ 93,00350 GR€ 0,2660
STEEPLE CLASSIC 80 GR€ 21,5080 GR€ 0,269-10
WERVICQ 32 50GR€ 18,1050GR€ 0,362-10
WINSTON BLOND 40GR€ 14,0040 GR€ 0,350-10
WINSTON BLOND S 30 GR€ 7,5030 GR€ 0,250-10
WINSTON EXPERT BLUE 100GR€ 36,00100 GR€ 0,360-10
WINSTON EXPERT RED 100GR€ 36,00100 GR€ 0,360-10
WINSTON PIPE TOBACCO 50 GR€ 16,5050 GR€ 0,330-10
WINSTON RED 30GR€ 7,5030 GR€ 0,250-10
WINSTON RED 40GR€ 14,0040 GR€ 0,350-10
WINSTON VOLUME BLUE 175GR€ 62,50175 GR€ 0,357-10
WINSTON VOLUME BLUE 50GR€ 17,9050 GR€ 0,358-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 125GR€ 45,00125GR€ 0,3600
WINSTON VOLUME RED 175GR€ 62,50175 GR€ 0,357-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 250GR€ 89,00250 GR€ 0,356-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 30GR€ 10,3030 GR€ 0,343+10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 350GR€ 126,00350 GR€ 0,360-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 450GR€ 160,00450 GR€ 0,356-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 50GR€ 17,9050 GR€ 0,358-10
WINSTON VOLUME RED 80GR€ 29,5080GR€ 0,369-10

Cigarette filters

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NamePriceWeightPrice / gramAvailability

Cigarette box

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NamePriceWeightPrice / gramAvailability


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Where is tobacco cheap?

In Europe there are a number of countries where you can get tobacco cheapest. If you are here on holiday, it is certainly interesting to take some cigarettes or tobacco with you. Did you know that Belgium also belongs to one of those cheaper countries? It is not without reason that Dutch people drive to Belgium for their tobacco products.

The cheapest countries for cigarettes in Europe

- Luxembourg
- Greece
- Portugal
- Spain
- Italy
- Germany

At number 7 cheapest countries for cigarettes and tobacco is Belgium. This makes it extra interesting to buy tobacco products in Belgium, and not in one of the more expensive neighbouring countries.

Where are cigarettes most expensive?

There are also countries in Europe where cigarettes are much more expensive. In some countries you pay € 11 or more for a packet of cigarettes. These are the most expensive countries for cigarettes, tobacco and cigars:

- Netherlands
- Finland
- Switzerland
- France
- Iceland

The three most expensive countries are the United Kingdom, Norway and Ireland. It is better not to buy tobacco here. Are you going on holiday to one of these countries? Buy your cigarettes or tobacco in Belgium, this will save you a lot of money.

Why is tobacco (and cigarettes) becoming more expensive?

You have probably noticed that tobacco and cigarettes are becoming more expensive. Especially in 2018, the federal government has increased the excise tax on cigarettes and rolling tobacco. This is due to (new) economic measures. For example, the excise duty on cheap tobacco was previously increased.

Increasing the excise duty is intended to discourage tobacco consumption. This in itself is not strange because it also happens in other countries. Still, Belgium remains one of the cheaper countries with regard to these kinds of products.

Keeping tobacco and cigarettes fresh (shelf life)

When the prices of cigarettes and tobacco go up many people buy a quick supply. Here it is important to keep tobacco and cigarettes fresh for as long as possible. There is no expiry date on a packet of cigarettes or tobacco. As long as it stays closed it can be kept for a long time.

However, the tobacco can become dry. On the other hand, you should certainly not keep these products too damp. A humidity of 50-60% for cigarettes and tobacco is fine. Cigars are best kept at a humidity level of around 70%.

Be careful with tobacco products that are too moist. These can go moldy. It is then not recommended to smoke these products: throw them away. When tobacco or cigarettes have dried out, increase the humidity. Often it is then still possible to smoke the tobacco.